Apple cider vinegar and ginger to lose weight?

For several years, natural drinks with multiple virtues have proven themselves in terms of weight loss . This is the case of the combination of cider vinegar and ginger. Here is a small review on the effectiveness of this rather daring preparation, to be included in the slimming diet.

Apple cider vinegar and ginger: an exceptional appetite suppressant
As part of a weight loss program, the preparation made with cider vinegar and ginger plays primarily a role of appetite suppressant . With a high pectin content, ie an insoluble fiber that is essentially waterlogged when it passes through the stomach, apple cider vinegar has the ability to quickly increase the effect of satiety.

It’s the same for ginger. In terms of slimming diet, ginger is considered one of the essential natural appetite suppressants, thanks in particular to its exceptional satiating effect. The combination of these two products thus makes it possible to considerably reduce the quantity of food to be ingested both during and outside the meals. The body will be able to withstand the cravings that occur regularly during the diet.

The ideal combo to burn fat effectively
The combination of cider vinegar with ginger for weight loss then has the capacity to stimulate the metabolism. keto plus premier Indeed, on the one hand, ginger is a food well known for its thermogenic effect. By increasing the temperature of the body, it quickly stimulates the metabolism, so that the body is led to burn more fat.

On the other hand, in the case of cider vinegar, this property is obtained thanks to the presence of acetic acid which, in addition to blocking the absorption of starch, has the capacity to boost metabolism. Thanks to these multiple virtues and properties on the metabolism, the combination of these two ingredients ensures an efficient fat burning, and in a natural way.

To these is added the regulation of the blood sugar level, which by limiting insulin peaks that promote the storage of fat.

Better digestion thanks to the mixture
The ginger combo – cider vinegar is an effective slimming solution that significantly improves digestion . Indeed, it should be known that a good transit and a digestion fluid are essential if you wish to lose weight. Ginger is therefore a rhizome and has beneficial effects on the proper functioning of the digestive system. It regulates the movement of food in the stomach and intestines, to facilitate digestion . Cider vinegar helps to improve digestion thanks to its high content of pectin which is a fiber well known for its ability to regulate intestinal transit.

Apple cider vinegar and ginger are two ingredients of choice, which, when combined in a homemade preparation, plays a vital role in the process of weight loss.

Women in bodybuilding: everything decides the goal

By hen coach spotzale offers girls exercising with dumbbells and a barbell, in 9 out of 10 cases can be And hear the answer: “I do not want the names of big muscles” or “I do not want to lose their femininity.” I wonder why so many women think that the muscles will increase if they just hold iron in their hands.

Most of the pumped-up women are elite professional bodybuilders, athletes involved in light and heavy athletics, who have been trained for years to achieve this result. But many do not understand this and avoid bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding is the structure of the muscles of the body and the architecture of proportions. He assumes carrying out physical exercises with use dumbbell, barbells, weights and other weight equipment. To say that female bodybuilding turns a woman into a likeness of a man is unfair. A woman bodybuilder decides for herself what her ideal is.

Strength training for women is specific. Their goal is not to build up huge muscles, but to correct the figure and work out the problem areas. It is strength fitness, and not diet or aerobics, that is the most effective way to form an elastic, strong body.

It is not always possible to get the perfect figure with the help of shaping. Maybe you noticed that the volumes are reduced, but the appearance does not please. Instead of fatty deposits, sagging skin appears – and no cubes. You should not get upset – supreme 500 male enhancement it’s time to go to the gym.
Easter Olympia is the most significant international bodybuilding competition held under the auspices of the International Bodybuilding Federation (Eng. International Federation of Bodybuilding, IFBB).

The competition was organized by Joe and Ben Vader in order to help the winners of the Mr. Universe contest to continue training and make money.

Despite the fact that the prize fund of the tournament is not the largest among such competitions (the prize fund of Arnold classic, for example, is somewhat larger), the occupation of a high prize in the competition Mr. Olympia provides the athlete with many advertising contracts and other opportunities to earn. But for most athletes competing on Olympia, money is not the main reason for their participation in this competition. Athletes compete here primarily for the right to go down in the history of world bodybuilding.

Today, the tournament prize pool is $ 900,000 (2012). The winner receives $ 250,000 in prize money.

For the first time the tournament was held on September 18, 1965.

In 1976, an unusual event occurred in the history of bodybuilding. For the first time the title of “Mr. Olympia” was won by a man of small stature. It was Franco Colombo. Previously, large men always won, and since 1976 they have been replaced by athletes of short stature.

Advantages of Supersets

Not so long ago, we told you about one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s training techniques — supersets. It is no secret that he used a slightly modified training scheme, and applied it, as a rule, to large muscle groups. Well, due to numerous requests from our readers, today we will look at classic supersets. Let’s start with the theory.

All human muscles involved in dynamic movements can be classified into agonists and antagonists. A good example is the musculature of the arm. The biceps can be positioned as an agonist that bends the arm, in this case the triceps is an antagonist, as it unbends the elbow. However, you can consider the reverse order, according to which the triceps will be an agonist, and the biceps will be an antagonist. The same situation is observed with all large muscle groups. The quadriceps muscle (quadriceps) extends the leg, while the hip biceps flexes. However, the division of muscles in this way is rather arbitrary. For example, in squats, the main antagonist of quadriceps is the press. At the same time, the broadest in vertical thrust is opposed by the force of the deltoid muscles.

Advantages of Supersets

Each serious athlete paints a training plan, so to speak, on the shelves. Today, he trains his back, tomorrow – his legs, etc. However, as it turned out, this method of training is not the most productive. It is most rational to train your back with pectoral, biceps with triceps, etc. In addition, such an antagonistic style of exercise does not cause a feeling of great fatigue and overwork. As a result, you can train the same muscle group more often.

Antagonists and agonists

In fact, on the human body all the muscles of a person obey the antagonistic law. It is thanks to this fact that people have enormous potential in the development of both power indicators and speed indicators. Of course, all this also allows you to develop incredible muscle volume, which we see at various bodybuilding tournaments. The unique human anatomy allows him to make the wrong move and immediately correct his mistake. Such an action is given to all animals with great difficulty, which is why they quite often fall into the traps. The animals simply do not know how to “back up.”

It is important to understand that all antagonist muscles are part of the same mechanism, even though they do the opposite work. Look at the muscles of the chest and back. This musculature helps us breathe, while inhaling and exhaling, they work together, like all other similar muscles. You should know, the work of one muscle group from the first seconds begins to be accompanied by the activation of the partner-muscle. Without this fact, no muscle would be able to perform the ultimate load, since in this case the insuring return movement would not have time to protect you. A striking example is the extension of the legs in the simulator. Despite the fact that the bicep of the femur here, to put it mildly, is resting, its tone and blood circulation increase by about 25-30% of the norm.

In fact, bodybuilders have long noticed that the joint training of biceps and triceps is better than alternate. one beast test The change of the main muscle group leads to a reflex flow of blood into the inactive muscle. As a result, we get the strongest pumping, which results in high effectiveness of the training.

Finally, one interesting fact should be noted. Even at rest – in a dream, our muscles are diligently trying to find that middle ground between rest and tension. After all, complete muscle relaxation, as a rule, speaks of death. In the waking state the muscles of a person are in constant active work. It is antagonists that allow you to stand steadily on your two, moving in public transport. What to say about training. Did you know that the average athlete’s triceps strength is enough to turn the elbow out, to a terrible injury. It is limited only by the biceps, which ensures that its three-headed partner does not turn into a state of fanaticism. The resistance of the paired muscles is surprisingly strong, and it often limits you in increasing the working weight.

Training scheme

Choose three exercises for each paired muscle, i.e. 3 for the chest and 3 for the back. Start with the first exercise, choosing the working weight so that you can correctly perform 10 repetitions. At the same time break off the set on the 8-9 repetition, it will insure you against premature failure. It is important to understand that the first exercise is designed to pump the so-called energy into the muscle and into her partner. You do not have the goal to conquer all the power records of the world.

After the first pair of opposing exercises, immediately move on to another. Here the feeling of refusal is just appropriate. Perform 9-10 reps. In this case, the final two should be abandoned. It is worth noting that in exercises for the press, lower back and calves the most rational use is the range of 15-20 negative reps.

As you can see, there is no rest between classic supersets. The maximum that you can afford is 60 seconds to prepare projectiles or a simulator. You should not perform more than three supersets during a single workout; this may put you in a state of overtraining. Be careful.

Bodybuilding: which muscles are used with the leg curl?

The leg curl, as the name suggests, is a weight training exercise that targets the legs but by any area since it is mostly work the back of the thigh. This is indeed a place very little used by most sports and bodybuilding movements.

It is therefore imperative, to have a balanced muscle mass, also develop this part of the body.

How is this exercise done?
The leg curl requires the use of a machine equipped with a bench and cushions (a special machine to work niwali keto on the pulley or equipped with dumbbells) at least. You must lie on your stomach. The device has handle under the bench that you must take in hand firmly.

Then put your heels under the cushions and raise. Think of the back and abdominal sheathing during exercise and / or on the floor just before. This will prevent you from arching excessively. The various solicited muscles then work hard, reshaping your figure harmoniously.

Can I do it at home?
If you do not want or can not go in the room, you will have to invest in a suitable bench but you should know that there are now models adapted to all budgets and especially models that are easy to store in a small space.

Is there an absolute instruction to follow?
Take care with your breathing. You inhale when your legs come down and exhale as they come up. If you practice at home, be sure to stall, if necessary with a cushion, because you do not have to arch during the effort. This exercise is practiced lying on a bench.

Unless you have a specific machine that offers you to work standing up. The latter requires you to solicit one leg after another. The rooms also offer a bench for sitting work.

What are the benefits of leg curl?
In addition to the physical changes, you will burn a lot of calories in a short time. A 1 hour session can erase 460 calories. In addition, for a woman, this exercise allows to curve the back of the thigh, but also the calf and buttocks.

Precautions to take
In muscu as in all sports, do not skip stretching. Here, you will prepare the legs but also the back. All while practicing for example some bending – extension and conventional warm-ups.

This exercise is essential to allow the back of the thigh to strengthen. This area is often forgotten in a basic program and yet it will give you more power, more stamina and a whole new silhouette.

How many calories in poultry bacon?

Combien de calories dans les lardons de volaille ?

Although less popular than pork bacon, chicken pork has advantages when it comes to eating better. With less than 200 kcal per 100 grams, these bacon are indeed much less caloric than bacon “red” (more than 300 kcal for the same weight …).

Whether you follow the Dukan diet or the Weight Watchers program, fresh or smoked diced bacon are your allies!

Chicken bacon: fewer calories, more protein!
Chicken bacon allows you to limit calories, but not only: like all meats, they are also an excellent food cuts hunger thanks to their many proteins.

Particularly satisfying, the proteins are indeed perfect to avoid suffering cravings too quickly after the meal. More scientifically, proteins favor the appearance of digestive enzymes, which ensure a good feeling of satiety.

Chicken bacon for a healthy diet?
In addition to being less rich in calories than pork bacon, chicken pork is better for your health. Indeed, while red meat is accused of increasing the risk of cancer, this is not the case for white meat.

However, the composition of many commercial bacon, including those containing poultry, contains nitrite, classified “probably carcinogenic” … So it is better to stick to an occasional consumption of bacon, even if they are not pork!

Slimming recipe: salad-meal with poultry bacon
Ingredients (for one person)
– 3 beautiful handfuls of mesclun bio- 1 large organic tomato- 1 handful of smoked bacon bacon- 1 handful of whole pasta- one shallot- first cold pressed olive oil- a lemon bio

1 – Cook the whole pasta in a pan of water.2 – Wash the arugula carefully, and make a bed in a bento.3 – Wash and cut the tomato in thin slices, and add it on the arugula .4 – As soon as the whole pasta is cooked, mix them with the bacon bits, then put everything in the bento.5 – Salt without excess.6 – Finely chop the shallot, and divide it in turn your dish.7 – Finally, add 4 tablespoonfuls of olive oil, then a drizzle of lemon juice: your slimming salad is ready!

This chicken bacon salad can be eaten as a lunch. it can be declined with all the vegetables you want. Also note that it is compatible with a halal diet.

Low calorie, poultry bacon is a good alternative to traditional pork bacon when trying to lose weight. But watch out for excess nitrite, bad for your health …

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Sport and pollution: real benefits or real dangers?

Sport et pollution : réels bienfaits ou vrais dangers ?

It’s well known. Major cities are particularly polluted. In question, the fine particles of atmospheric type.

However, playing sports in polluted places can have harmful consequences on our health. Especially in acute period of pollution. You are told why playing sports outdoors when there is a lot of pollution can lead to a lot of health damage.

Sport in the city can be dangerous for your health
If practicing sport has significant virtues for health and our body, it has been shown that athletes are not really equal because of their outdoor environment. Today, it can even be said that direct type of pollution in cities is more dangerous in large cities than elsewhere.

This explanation has been corroborated by the French Public Health who indicated recently that a man aged 30 and living in an urban area of ​​more than 100,000 inhabitants and playing sports outdoors had about a year of hope. life less.

This observation can even go up to 2 years less in areas where the peak pollution is particularly important, as in Paris for example.

Indoor sports: a false good idea
The principle is that by practicing a sport activity, one ventilates and inhales much more than when one is in the state of rest. Thus, the more we brew air and the more we inhale polluting particles. This can have serious consequences. In fact, pollution can irritate the airways because of nitrogen dioxide.

For runners with asthma, this can increase the risk of seizure. However, it has been proven that indoor sport is not better for the health than outside. Indeed, in a confined space, the risk is to inhale more fine particles.

Favor airy places to play sports
To play sports, we will focus as much as possible on parks and neighborhoods where traffic is less intensive.

If you think doing indoor sports is best, you could be wrong. Indeed, this pollution will be just as present although different. It will result primarily from solvents, glues and other chemicals that may affect the respiratory system.

Also avoid playing sports in small, poorly ventilated streets as they tend to retain more fine particles.

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Lyons scrapes: a specialty rich in calories?

The Lyons grapes are one of the specialty of the beautiful city of Lyon. With pork, these little delicacies are sometimes used in everyday cooking. However, be careful, because during a slimming diet, it is important to pay attention to all the ingredients used.

Here is what you need to know about the Lyons peels in the diet.

Nutritional values ​​of Lyons grapes
Lyons scallops are very caloric since 100 grams of the product contain 720 kcal. This is very high knowing that the daily caloric intake must be 2,000 calories for a woman and 2,500 calories for a man.

100 grams also contain protein: 28 g; Fat: 65 g of which Saturated Fatty Acids: 26 g, Carbohydrates: 4.7 g; dietary fiber: 2.44 g and Sodium: 449 mg.

For a person wishing to lose weight, Lyons scrapers are strongly discouraged. It is the manufacture of this specialty that explains these scary figures during a diet. Indeed, pork is confit to give these rillettes that we appreciate so much.

How to eat Lyons grapes?
If you really need to use Lyons scraps for your meals, choose to use as little as possible and accompany them with low calorie foods.

Promote vegetables by limiting the intake of fat and avoiding fat cooking. Also avoid starchy foods that can increase the calorie intake of the meal. Even if the Lyons scrapes are very attractive by their prices and also by facilitating their purchase, it is best to consume very rarely especially if you want to lose weight. Pregnant women should also abstain.

Slimming recipe Brussels sprouts and Lyon scrapes
1 kg of Brussels sprouts
600 g of pork gratings
1 onion
1 -Prepare the cabbage by cleaning and removing the first three leaves then cut the stems and wash with abundant water.
2 – Cook 7 minutes in the microwave with salt. Peel and cut the onion into thin slices and fry it with a little olive oil.
3 – Add the cabbages and stir regularly. Cut the sliced ​​scraps and add them to the onion / cabbage mixture.
4 – Cook on low heat for 5 minutes and serve after mixing.

How to lose weight ? The answer is quite simple: a healthy and balanced diet and a lot of sport.

Unfortunately, Lyons scrapes do not fit perfectly into this philosophy. If you must eat, be careful not to have too much calorie accompaniments and avoid the dessert. Do not consume Lyons plums regularly, but rather for special occasions and always in very small quantities.

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Calendula oil to fight against stretch marks?

Calendula oil to fight against stretch marks?

Stretch marks, striae distensae of their scientific name , are fine skin marks of cicatricial appearance due to the distension of the elastic fibers of the dermis. Although they are without major health hazard, these brands have an unsightly appearance.

It is sometimes difficult to live with, but even more difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, there are now several remedies against these unsightly brands. If you prefer natural solutions, calendula oil is what you need. Used extensively in cosmetics, calendula oil works effectively against skin problems.

The benefits of calendula for the skin
From its scientific name Calendula officinalis, calendula or garden care is a herbaceous plant of the Mediterranean regions well known for its calming and healing properties.

Thus calendula is widely used for skin problems, skin irritations, dermatitis and many others. He is involved in the composition of several cosmetic products, including creams and gels. Calendula oil has a softening and moisturizing action on the skin, as well as a regenerating and antioxidant action, which makes it particularly effective against the problems of the skin.

Calendula officinalis against skin scars
Stretch marks usually occur during pregnancy or as a result of a sudden change in body weight. If it is almost impossible to make them disappear completely, calendula oil is a great way to significantly reduce their appearance and stop their development. Just apply it two to three times a day on the affected parts.

Calendula oil repairs skin scars and regenerates epidermal cells. Thanks to its natural and gentle action, it is suitable for pregnant women and babies. Similarly, it presents no risk for fragile skin and can be used during breastfeeding.

How to get homemade calendula oil?
In addition to the vegetable oils and synthesized extracts available on the market, you can make your homemade calendula oil with ease. It is obtained from the petals of the calendula flower macerated for 21 days in virgin olive oil. You can also mix the essential oil of calendula with your body cream, whose use will allow you to prevent the appearance of striae distensae. Calendula oil is also effective against cellulite, burns, itching and irritation of the skin.

Soothing, healing, regenerating and antioxidant, calendula oil has multiple benefits. Its local application makes it possible to fight effectively against the scars of the skin. It especially used to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and regenerate the epidermis . Natural, this oil poses no risk for sensitive skin.

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List of foods high in fat

List of foods high in fat

These dietary fats are an important part of our diet but are also the cause of our weight gain. That’s why you have to distinguish good fats from bad ones.

List of those very rich in lipids.

Oils and margarines
This is well known. All oils, butter and margarine are very high in fat . But also in omega 3 and 9. Therefore, if they meet certain needs of our body, they are also very high in calories. Choose vegetable oils such as walnut oil , rapeseed oil, olive oil and omega 9-rich peanut oil.

Avocado and oleaginous fruits
These foods are great for our body. They have many benefits since rich in omega 3 . This is the case of almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pistachios.

You can very well eat a small handle at the snack, but not too much, otherwise you will get fat. As for the avocado, it is very rich in lipids since these fatty substances make up about 14% of its mass.

Eggs and chicken breast
Eggs and chicken breast are high in fat , but also and especially in protein. Choose eggs from hens raised outdoors and not in cages. These will be more rich in omega 3, to meet our need for quality fatty acids.

The fish
The fish are very rich in unsaturated fatty acids , perfect for our body. They also contain omega 3. The best is to choose mainly wild fish, such as salmon , mackerel or herring. However, it is best not to buy herring oil commercially available, very rich in saturated fatty acids, harmful to health.

Banana and cocoa
Banana is among the richest fruits in fat with 0.3 g per 100 grams . For its part, cocoa is rich in omega 3 . Choose a banana and a square of dark chocolate for afternoon tea for example.

Their anti-depressant and satiating power gives them an important role in weight loss, which is not negligible when you make a diet. In the same way, they are well suited for sports such as bodybuilding and any vegan diet.

It will mainly be chia seeds and flax seeds . Their benefits are no longer to prove. However, be careful not to consume excessively, under penalty of gaining weight. In a salad, these seeds rich in fatty acid will be consumed very easily and have an excellent taste, while associating virtues for our body.

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How many calories are there in pineapple tomatoes?

How many calories are there in pineapple tomatoes?

The pineapple tomato provides 18.5 kcal per 100 grams . It is therefore a variety of old tomato as surprising and tasty as light, perfect to integrate in its summer diet.

The slimming shop 
Calories and nutritional profile of pineapple tomato
Like most tomatoes , it is extremely low in calories and provides only 18.5 calories per 100 grams of raw tomato. Composed of 95% water, the pineapple tomato provides 2 g of carbohydrates, 10 mg of magnesium, 26 mg of phosphorus, 255 mg of potassium, 8 mg of calcium and a multitude of vitamins excellent for the body.

This means that it is an ideal tomato to taste without guilt. With its two-tone yellow and orange tones and its more than generous proportions, it is added to its salads in all circumstances to no longer be hungry for several hours while limiting its daily caloric intake!

How to prepare it and taste it?
There are many recipes including pineapple tomato: in salad of course, but also in fresh carpaccio or with tartar accompaniment , on a thin tart or stuffed tomato base (it resists cooking well and its size gives it a considerable advantage) …

It is easy to prepare and does not require specific equipment, although a Thermomix can help with some stuffing or pie preparations.

In the opinion of many people, it is also a way to impress guests on the plate: the pineapple tomato is impressive and very aesthetic, thanks to its colors that recall the fruit from which it takes its name.

Health benefits of pineapple tomato
If its light side is appreciated raw as cooked, it is without cooking that the pineapple tomato (like green tomatoes, black and red for that matter) brings a maximum of benefits for the health of the body:

Anti-cancer properties thanks to lycopene (raw tomato)
Antioxidant power
Rich in vitamin C
Helps maintain a good acid-base balance in the body
Good additional reasons to add it to the diet! Ideally, it should be purchased organic or grown under healthy conditions by growing the seeds directly in its home garden.

Juicy, very fragrant, firm and slightly sweet, its use allows to sublimate a multitude of dishes, including diet.

Favor this tomato during its growing season, from July to autumn.

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